Judge, DEN, UKR, Ruffneck Attack, Fast Bodies
Judge, DEN, UKR, Ruffneck Attack, Fast Bodies

Let´s finalize the judges line up for the upcoming Break SM. In 15th of December, people will learn there is a single name for well shaped and intelligent movement – it´s called Bboy Den (Ruffneck Attack / Fast Bodies, Ukraine). You can check this fact from the following video:

Bboy Den will be hosting workshops, judging and getting down. Fantastic to get you out here, sharp success!
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#breaksm @suomenbboyliitto

Judge, Bruce Wayne, FRA,  Kings Only
Judge, Bruce Wayne, FRA, Kings Only

Let´s get some heavy-hitting judges up in this line-up!

The first judge in Break SM definately left Batman second when he hit the floor! Let us give you, bboy Bruce Wayne!

With 18 years of solid experience while repping Total Feeling & Kings Only crews, there is some serious funkiness involved in him! You will know this by both watching and listening the following video where Bruce breaks like hell and plays the guitar, bass and harmon in it.


Bruce is doing a workshop, judging, getting down and hopefully playing some guitar. Sounds like success, Welcome Bruce!

Judge, Ramona, FIN, Floorphilia
Judge, Ramona, FIN, Floorphilia

It´s a great way to start a week by announcing that the second judge for Break SM 2018 is Bgirl Ramona, a true backbone and multitasker of the finnish breaking scene.

In addition to being active locally, Ramona has been repping around the globe and just recently took the second place in Battle Of The Year 2018 bgirl finals, goddamn! Check out Ramonas ramboing here:


If you like cypher friendly jams with good music like Ramona, get your hips to Break SM on 15th of December, WUUU!

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